8pm Gratitude

Joe Jacobi
1 min readMar 22, 2020
La Seu Vella, Lleida, Catalunya, Winter 2020

I am not sure how long they have been waiting. But as the clock ticks 8pm, they are ready.

Slowly and quietly, the claps begin.

Then, a little faster. And, a little louder.

A drumbeat enters the mix. Finally, some cheering and whistles compliment the applause.

For the next five minutes, the people who live on this single block in the Catalan city of Lleida stand on their balconies to express their gratitude.

The collective show of support is directed towards the people working on the frontlines of the Coronavirus, especially the nurses and doctors.

Block by block, city by city, every night at 8pm, a beautiful moment unfolds on balconies across a country locked down in quarantine as mandated by the Spanish government.

And you know what is the best part about the clapping? Well, perhaps the two best parts?

1) You can not clap and hold your phone at the same time.

2) Clapping works much better when done together.

With gratitude,


Ps — To see a one minute video of the 8pm moment from last night, click HERE.

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