Graceful Improvement

When is it too late to begin again?

There is not one correct way to answer this question. Different experiences and perspectives yield very different choices.

Recently, a few individuals independently showed me brilliant ideas that they developed. These are not just “some day” ideas. These are “up and running” entities validated with resources invested and clients served. In one case, the concept saves lives.

And in each of our conversations, the idea-creator referenced age as a looming obstacle to future success. We spoke about limited time, capacity, and opportunity.

For the past six years, Sunday mornings open exchanges with many people who have far more life experience than I.

So often these conversations exist at the tipping point between what they believe is possible and what they believe is not.

To do.
To say yes.
To create a change.
To launch a business.
To get in better shape.
To start something new.
To set better boundaries.
To slow down.
To do less.
To say no.
To be.

Not possible? Or possible?

My own perspective change throughout these six years comes from the close collaboration with such people who choose possible.

From where does possible originate when it is easier to say, “why bother?”

If possible is chosen, what exactly works?

Simply said, the continued pursuit of self awareness.

From a deeper position of experience and reflection arrives a stronger relationship between perceived rules and the state of life’s journey.

Possible leads to re-examining the rules. To better evaluate if the rules are still true… or if they were ever true.

And then, better rules are created.

From here, the gap between not and possible widens.

The gap between:

The conditions placed upon us by others.


To choose ourselves.

With gratitude, — Joe

PS — For diving a little deeper into the idea of “choosing ourselves,” you might enjoy this podcast I recorded recently with Elizabeth Miner, host of Entrepreneurs IRL and a Sunday Morning Joe reader. Grab your coffee and listen HERE.

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I coach established and experienced professionals, who feel stuck in place, to thrive in transition and bring focus to what matters most without compromising their lives.

My personal experiences winning an Olympic Gold Medal, serving as CEO of a national sports organization, and my current “Simple, Slower, and Less” lifestyle in the Catalan Pyrenees help to form accountable and transformative collaborations that see my clients create their next and most impactful chapter.



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