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Joe Jacobi
3 min readJun 6, 2021
La Seu d’Urgell Catalunya, Spring, 2021 (Joe Jacobi Photo)

Before checking out for the summer, let’s divert from our normal “story and point of transfer” format and do something a little different with today’s Sunday Morning Joe post.

Today, I am sharing some resources that contribute to or align with the ideas about which I typically write as well as a few thoughts about The Pursuit Of Contentment On The River Of Uncertainty.

Starting with the latter, the past five months writing The Pursuit Of Contentment On The River Uncertainty became its own wonderful and unique river journey. I deeply enjoyed an extended reflection around a topic that has both excited and served me for more than 40 years.

Coming out of this period of writing, I think about my mindset and spirit that accompanied each post of this series… almost every one following some kind of adventure with Maria. Whether on the water in Catalunya, traveling through southern Europe, or just quiet winter weekends, I am grateful for the perspective and focus that our time together brings to life… within and beyond my own boundaries.

Gracies, Maria.

Now, I look forward to taking a step back from weekly writing to better understand what is next for this project. This includes evaluating The Pursuit Of Contentment On The River Of Uncertainty as a possible book — something I would most likely do with additional feedback from our Sunday Morning Joe community.

Related to this, THANK YOU to all of you who reached out with amazing words of support, which frequently included encouragement towards a book project. I also loved the messages built around your own interpretations, summaries, personal stories, and applications of the central themes. Please continue to keep these coming — I read every single message.

Let’s shift to some resources and opportunities for you starting with an excellent podcast about goal setting — but probably not in the way that you are thinking.

Here, I join my incredible Valor Performance coaching colleague, Dr. Lauren Tashman, and her co-host, Dr. Kevin Harris, on their podcast, The Path Distilled. With the addition of High Performance Expert and my coaching mentor, Dr. Adam Naylor, this is less of an interview and more of a panel discussion that dives into challenges associated with goal setting.

Please refill your coffee cup and enjoy this thoughtful conversation HERE.

Also, I have a few close friends from the Olympic sports world doing fabulous work that transfers well to those of us outside of that world.

Note: I have absolutely no financial interest or gain in these projects — my only goal is to pass along opportunities with and created by outstanding people.

My Valor Performance coaching colleagues, Iris Zimmerman and Whitney Otto, have a new 7-week coaching program for women called The Diving Board Group. For goal advancement in areas such as small business, creative projects, or career transition, you could not ask for two better guides than Iris and Whitney. Please check out their program HERE.

Also, my good friend and former High Performance Director of Spanish Canoeing, Ekaitz Saies, has a new handbook releasing this weekend called The Champion’s Mindset. Ekaitz draws on his own high performance experience and relationships to dig into specific strategies and practices that help us create better performance mindsets. Ekaitz radiates positivity and a “Can-Do” spirit that can help anyone improve their performance. Grab your copy of the The Champion’s Mindset HERE.

With that, I will see you here again next week to close out at this chapter of Sunday Morning Joe and step into summer that awaits us.

With gratitude, — Joe

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