The Simple Re-Engagement

Pa Pan Bread, Lleida, Catalunya, May 30, 2020

The premise was simple.

Run around the Catalan city of Lleida while enjoying outstanding coffee and delicious treats prepared by wonderful bakers.

It seemed like a creative way to say “thank you” to the forns de pa, or bakeries, that stayed open throughout the Spanish government mandated quarantine. Or, to say “welcome back” to those that re-opened this past week.

It felt like a personal way to share the re-engagement of a city in Spain, perhaps offering some context about how you may approach re-engagement in your community.

At the heart of this uncertain step forward is to put ourselves in the best position to take a first step.

And my morning with the master bakers of Lleida conveys a trusted and true life recipe that rises from the essence of great bread:

  • Goodness is the repetition of a simple process repeated every day.
  • A simple process is created from simple ingredients.
  • The process becomes more simple when patience and slowing down are added.
  • The end product may have a short shelf life but its simple process repeated every day becomes a timeless process that yields improvement.

It can be this simple.

For the remaining Sunday Morning Joe posts before starting the summer break, simple and thoughtful approaches to re-engagement will be our focus.

And on a more indulgent note, watch my “forn de pa” run around Lleida right HERE. You will get closer look at some outstanding Catalan delicacies and witness the effects of five espressos consumed into my system in a span of about two hours.

See you next Sunday.

With gratitude, Joe

Connect with Joe:

5 With Joe Performance Coaching

I coach established and experienced professionals, who feel stuck in place, to thrive in transition and bring focus to what matters most without compromising their lives.

My personal experiences winning an Olympic Gold Medal, serving as CEO of a national sports organization, and my current “Simple, Slower, and Less” lifestyle in the Catalan Pyrenees help to form accountable and transformative collaborations that see my clients create their next and most impactful chapter.




Olympic Gold Medalist & Performance Coach helping leaders & teams perform their best without compromising their lives.

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Joe Jacobi

Joe Jacobi

Olympic Gold Medalist & Performance Coach helping leaders & teams perform their best without compromising their lives.

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