Your Next Face Plant

  1. The key to navigating any transition is not to obsess about the severity of the landing, but to recognize the transition as a positive space between two points.
  2. The biggest opportunity to grow and learn happens in the space where you are most prone to make a mistake.
  3. When you analyze the dynamics within the transition zone, you can strategically create the smaller steps needed to break its reckless energy into manageable pieces. From here, you will more easily incorporate better technique, mindset, and efficiency.
  4. There is little-to-no opportunity to grow and learn if you refuse to let go of the carousel. You’ve got to jump, and jump repeatedly.
  • Am I working from a position of uncertainty? If the risk of mistakes is not present, find more uncertainty. No challenge = no growth.
  • How can I deconstruct the transition into smaller steps so as to displace its reckless energy? More small steps = less face plants.



Olympic Gold Medalist, Performance Coach, & Author helping leaders & teams perform their best without compromising their lives.

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